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Review: m:brgr

m:brgr - BBQ poutine

I’ve been avoiding m:brgr because of: 1) its annoying vowel-free name, 2) its proximity to Crescent street, and 3) the fact that it has a $100 burger on its menu to attract the worst of the Crescent street douchebags. The interior is a soulless display of the latest interior design trends, with TV screens, obnoxiously loud music, and a cheesy backlit bar thrown in for good measure. Thankfully, there is also some outside seating. Despite how uninspired I feel about the general vibe, the food has received lots of good reviews so I figure the poutine is worth a try.
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Review: Irish Poutine at McKibbins Irish Pub


McKibbins Irish pub is one of the nicer pubs around Concordia University. Like most Irish pubs there is a hokey element to the place. However, the turn-of-the-century sandstone building and wood-paneled interior takes it a notch above. In recent years, McKibbins has branched out and opened pubs on boulevard Saint Laurent and the West Island, slowly making it feel less like a real place and more like McStarbucks.

McKibbins serves “Irish poutine.” This is obviously a misnomer, as they don’t have poutine in Ireland. However, Ireland does have brown sauce, and some of the Guinness-derived sauces used in stews are quite outstanding. Ireland also has some excellent cheeses. Therefore, it remains a mystery why McKibbins’ Irish poutine is served with curry sauce and North American mozzarella.

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