Poutine Review: Patate Mallette

Patate Mallette

Patate Mallette is legendary for many reasons. They’re known for the best poutine on Montreal’s south shore. They also serve poutine to go in a hot-dog bun. And, if you eat in house, the poutine sauce is served separately in a teapot, allowing you to add it gradually so the fries don’t turn to mush. Genius!

I have yet to visit their legendary riverside location in Beauharnois, but caught up with their food truck at a town fair in rural Quebec.

Patate Mallette

Fries: These fries are a little soft but make up for it by being heavy on taste. 26/30

Gravy: This is a solid sauce. Quantities are just right. 45/50

Cheese: The cheese is the weakest aspect of this poutine. Chunks are tiny and they don’t squeak, but at least the cheese isn’t cold. 11/20


Verdict: Cheese is a bit weak, but this is otherwise a great poutine.

Price: $7.00 for a fairly small “moyenne.” Not a deal, but not a rip-off either.

Location: Patate Mallette, 41 rue Saint-Laurent, Beauharnois, QC. Click here for food truck location.


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