Review: Resto Richard, home of the Interfromage

Resto Richard Ancienne-Lorette, on the fringes of Quebec City (and briefly part of it from 2002 to 2006), has a history dating back to the 1600s, but it is mostly known as the uninspiring suburb by the airport. When I asked a friend who lived there to tell me the most interesting thing about the place given its nearly 400 years of history, he didn’t mention its massive church.
Resto Richard

He didn’t mention the library, the Parc de la rivière, or the arena.

Resto Richard

He didn’t mention this truck, nor the fact that it sports the worst name for a refrigeration company that I ever came across.

Resto Richard

He didn’t mention the semi-quaint main street, now lost in an ugly sea of suburban sprawl.

Resto Richard

He mentioned Resto Richard, across from the church, affectionately known as “Chez Rich.”

Resto Richard

Resto Richard

“Chez Rich” is famous as the birthplace of a fast-food concoction called the “Interfromage.” It is a burger topped with three onion rings, which are in turn stuffed with cheese curds and topped with some greasy fries. People in Ancienne-Lorette swear that it is Quebec’s greatest fast-food invention since the poutine. Feast your eyes on it. You saw it here first.

Resto Richard

Resto Richard

To be perfectly honest, the Interfromage seemed kinda gimmicky and didn’t exactly deliver on its promise. It was hard to get a proper mouthful and, when you did, it tasted like a burger with too much grease piled onto it. I’ve seen it in other fast food restaurants since then, so its renown is spreading, albeit slowly, very slowly. I don’t see it spreading too far beyond the western suburbs of Quebec City.

If you’re gonna go for cholesterol, you’re better off with a poutine. Thankfully, Rich sells those too. He sells all kinds of poutine. This is a RichPoutine. It is topped with hamburger meat, sausages, and onions.

Resto Richard

He also sells regular poutine, which is what I tried.

Resto Richard

Fries: They’re OK, if a little limp. 23/30

Gravy: A little too salty. It’s not extraordinary, but it works well enough. 31/50

Cheese: Nice chunks, but not enough squeak. 14/20


Verdict: The poutine isn’t worth the detour, but the Interfromage is an authentic local cultural experience.

Price: Poutine sizes are the same as what you get at Chez Ashton, but prices are higher and quality is lower.

Location: Resto Richard, 1616 Notre-Dame, Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec



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  1. The time has come for Interfromage Pundit

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