Poutine Review: Bacon Poutine at L’entrepôt Mont-Royal

Poutine au Bacon - L'entrepot Mont Royal

L’entrepot is one of several new $5-a-dish restaurants that opened up in Montreal over the past year. The interior has a ramshackle ski chalet look with snowboards hanging from the walls. In fact, it is pretty much a perfect replica of the decor at Le Bureau de Poste in Quebec City, not to mention the same menu. I did some investigating and found out that it is the Montreal branch of a west-coast chain that started out in Whistler, and also has six restaurants in Vancouver. Whereas the west coast branches use mozzarella in their poutines, a similar strategy in Quebec would be suicidal. Proper cheese curds it is.

Other $5 restaurants in town make up losses by charging top dollar for drinks, but it’s still possible to get a cocktail here for under $6. I’m not a big fan of the ski chalet vibe, nor do I like chains, but you can’t go wrong with decent cheap food and drink. And the poutine is up there with Montreal’s finest.

Fries: These look like deep-fried frozen fries but they are perfectly cooked, perfectly crunchy, with the right amount of salt, pepper and grease. They hold up relatively well under the onslaught of sauce. I can’t complain. 27/30

Gravy: This is a rich and tasty gravy, and the maple bacon chunks add a slight smoky-sweet/crunchy touch. It has lots of personality but doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients. 46/50

Cheese: Like most Montreal poutines, the chunks are too small and they’re not squeaky fresh. A little more cheese wouldn’t hurt either. 11/20


Verdict: Great bet. They need to source some proper squeaky-fresh cheese chunks but this is otherwise a definite winner.

Price: Great price. $4.95. No complaints here.

Location: L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal, 1019 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, QC. Near Mont-Royal metro station.


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