Poutine Review: Le Ballpark

Le Ballpark

Le Ballpark is a charming little place on the border of Mile-Ex and Little Italy. They specialize in spherical food: onion bhajis, Italian arancini, lamb meatballs with coucous, etc. The place has a good vibe: a balanced airy mix of cold industrial and warm varnished wood, but the jury is still out on the upside-down lamps hanging from the ceiling. Le Ballpark also doubles as a watering hole, with a decent drinks menu, so it’s worth checking out even if you’re not hungry.

Le Ballpark

Le Ballpark

I came here to try their “polpotine.” No, this is not a tribute to the Khmer Rouge dictator. It’s a poutine topped with meatballs, making this the second establishment within spitting distance of St.Zotique to offer such a dish.

Le Ballpark

Fries: Thin julienned fries that are oily and somewhat limp. They taste good at first but get mushy real fast due to the deep container and hot sauce. 22/30

Gravy: Decent gravy, but fairly generic. Too much gravy for the amount of fries and cheese, and too hot. 33/50

Cheese: The chunks are way too small and most of them had melted by the time we got the dish, leading to a stringy mess. Also, there wasn’t nearly enough cheese below the surface level. 8/20

Meatballs: The tiny meatballs were dry and overcooked. They didn’t add much to the poutine. +1


Verdict: Average. Go for the meatballs or the nice drinks instead. Stay away from the onion bhaji at all costs.

Price: OK. $6.

Location: Le Ballpark, 6660 Rue Clark, a ten-minute walk from either Beaubien or De Castelnau metro stations.


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