Poutine Review: Le Fameux, Viande Fumée et Charcuterie

Le Fameux
Sorry for the blurry photo – I had a few drinks.

I love this charming old-school Greek restaurant with its leather booths and wood panelling. You can definitely find better food in the city, but Le Fameux is the perfect place for late-night revelry because the booths are cozy, the middle-aged waitresses can handle the drunk crowd with charm and brio, it feels like a time-warp (with a few unfortunate modern intrusions), you can get poutine, and you can also get more drinks.

Unfortunately, I always come in here late at night after having had a few drinks, so it’s hard to judge the food objectively, but I’ll try.

Fries: Frozen deep-fried fries. Say what you will, but I really like frozen deep-fried fries, though they’ll never earn top marks. 22/30

Gravy: I’m not sure if it was because I was drunk, but the gravy was damn good. It was rich, unctuous, with just enough of a spicy tinge to make it interesting. 40/50

Cheese: “I can tell those are going to be cold,” said my eating companion. “They look dead. They don’t glisten like day-fresh curds.” Although the chunks were bigger than your Montreal average, they were indeed straight out of the fridge. Quantity was good. And that sauce, that sauce…  11/20


Verdict: Great late-night spot. There are better poutines out there, but you won’t know the difference after a few drinks.

Price: Average, I think, but I don’t remember.

Location: Le Fameux. 4500 Saint-Denis, corner Mont-Royal. Spitting distance of Mont-Royal Metro and many bars on the Plateau.


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