Poutine Review: Vices & Versa

Vices & Versa

This bar has a nice lived-in feel, not unlike the charming old brown cafés you find in Amsterdam. There’s wood paneling everywhere, a pressed tin ceiling, a nice patio out back, and a stunning selection of Quebecois microbrews, wines, ciders, and liquor.

Vices & Versa

Unfortunately, the poutine did not live up to the surroundings.

Vices & Versa

Fries: Dark, floury, limp, and rather tasteless. 14/30

Gravy: Too watery, and way too much. I generally like beer-based sauces, but this tasted more like what would happen if someone actually spilled a pint of beer on your poutine. It was a little too beery, bitter, harsh, and made me long for canned gravy – but I’ll give it some points for originality (not many). 26/50

Vices & Versa
Limp overcooked fries swimming in a thin soupy sauce

Cheese: Some of the wimpiest flecks of cheese I have ever seen. You can barely taste them. 9/20


Verdict: Great place, good selection of drinks, but avoid the poutine at all costs.

Price: Higher than average. A bit pricey, even as a side-dish.

Location: Vices & Versa6631 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S 3C5, near Saint Zotique.


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