Das Truck: German Schnitzel Poutine Review

Das Truck

On my last trek out to Food Truck Friday at the Olympic stadium, I was faced with a bewildering array of choices. Thankfully, a new German food truck in town made my choice easier. They offer two different kinds of poutine: one with chopped up chicken schnitzel and the other with bratwurst. Given that schnitzel is one of my favourite comfort foods, and surprisingly hard to come by in Montreal, this seemed like a winning option.

Das Truck

Das Truck

Fries: Too many fries, especially given their substandard nature. They’re dark, wrinkly, and not as crispy as they could be, with a little too much seasoning for their own good. Given the inappropriate deep container, they start tasting particularly nasty and limp by the time you reach the bottom. 18/30

Das Truck

Gravy: This “bavarian” gravy is supposedly made with ale. It’s a nice change from the usual gravies out there. 40/50

Cheese: There’s a good amount of cheese on this poutine, the chunks are decently sized, and are room temperature, but they’re definitely not day-fresh squeaky – not the slightest hint of squeak on these chunks. 15/20

Schnitzel: I like my schnitzel beaten down so thin that it ends up wider than my plate. This schnitzel is a bit too plump for my taste, and the panko makes it more reminiscent of Japanese chicken katsu than proper Deutsch Hähnchenschnitzel. That said, it still tastes pretty damn good, but the lemony tang added on top doesn’t work at all well with the cheese & gravy of the poutine. no extra points


Verdict: Perhaps schnitzel and poutine work better separately.

Price: Overpriced, like most food truck fare, and too much food for one person. The price and portion size, especially the amount of potatoes, could be cut down.

Location: Varies, check out their website.


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