Poutine Review: Le Boucan

Le Boucan

Southern food isn’t my favourite, but this place in Little Burgundy does it right, and such comfort food is a beautiful thing on a cold snowy day. I love this place. Their bourbon cocktails are delicious. Their pulled pork sandwiches are delicious. Their mac & cheese is delicious. Their buttermilk pie is delicious.

Le Boucan

Today I tried their pulled pork poutine.

Le Boucan

Fries: These thin earthy fries are liberally seasoned with cajun spices, which almost covers up their earthiness. They’re good on their own, but not as good as some of the other stuff at this restaurant. 20/30

Gravy: There are two gravies in this poutine: the smoky-sweet BBQ gravy that accompanies the pulled pork, and the more traditional stuff underneath. The BBQ flavour is a bit overpowering. Normally I would balk at this since I find BBQ sauce too strong for poutine, but this is a southern restaurant. Besides, their BBQ sauce is much better than the average store-bought junk served in other restaurants. But yeah, it’s seasoning overload what with the cajun spices and the gravies. 35/50

Cheese: This place provides a generous portion of nice large chunks, unlike most restaurants in town. Unfortunately, the chunks are a little too warm & melty and they have no squeak. Moreover, the other flavours overpower the cheese, so you don’t really end up tasting the cheese itself. All you get is texture. 11/20

Pulled pork: Did I mention the pulled pork was outstanding? +5


Verdict: Better to go for some of the southern specialties, but this isn’t a bad novelty poutine.

Price: Average to high. The $9 appetizer portion is enough. I shudder to think what the $14 poutine looks like.

Location: Le Boucan – Smokehouse, 1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC (10 minute walk from Georges-Vanier Metro)


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