Poutine Review: BARRY


Bedford is a small nondescript town 15km north of the Vermont border. Though founded by British Loyalists, it is now over 75% francophone. Its biggest claim to fame: Quebec disco-funk legend Boule Noire.

The town’s snack bar is called BARRY. Not Casse-croute Barry or Restaurant Barry, just BARRY, in ALL CAPS, like this:


…and THIS:


I asked the woman at the neighbouring bar for the best poutine in the region and she instantly referred me to BARRY, waxing poetic about their home-cooked fries. The place started out as a food truck in the 1940s and has been going strong for over 60 years, which leads me to believe that the real-life BARRY is no longer around.


Fries: The home-cooked fries live up to their reputation. Unfortunately, the tall & narrow styrofoam container along with overly hot gravy manage to kill whatever crisp these fries might have once you make it halfway through your poutine. A solution to this would be ordering the extra-large poutine, which is served on a plate. 23/30

Gravy: The gravy is too hot. Tastes quite good for something that most likely comes out of a can. 35/50

Cheese: A generous portion of cheese that doesn’t leave me wanting more. It’s got a proper squeak too, though the chunks are quite small. 17/20


Verdict: I’ve tried a fair few poutines in the area and this is one of the better ones along with Chez Ti-Polo in Henryville. It won’t blow you away, but it’s dependable.

Price: Good value. One of the few places selling fast food at proper fast food prices.

Location: BARRY, 92 rue Principale, Bedford, Quebec


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