Review: m:brgr

m:brgr - BBQ poutine

I’ve been avoiding m:brgr because of: 1) its annoying vowel-free name, 2) its proximity to Crescent street, and 3) the fact that it has a $100 burger on its menu to attract the worst of the Crescent street douchebags. The interior is a soulless display of the latest interior design trends, with TV screens, obnoxiously loud music, and a cheesy backlit bar thrown in for good measure. Thankfully, there is also some outside seating. Despite how uninspired I feel about the general vibe, the food has received lots of good reviews so I figure the poutine is worth a try.

Fries: Nice crispy home-cut fries, but not quite crispy enough. The gravy is so overpowering that I’m not quite sure what these fries taste like. 25/30

Gravy: There are two gravies available: a “classic” mushroom-based gravy, or BBQ sauce. Neither seem particularly appealing. BBQ sauce is too overpowering for poutine, but mushroom-based gravies are an even greater travesty. Whoever decided this was a “classic” poutine topping does not know the history of poutine. I’ve never tasted a mushroom gravy I liked. The waitress assures me the BBQ sauce is not like your average store-bought crap. Indeed, it would taste great on roast chicken or pork but, as expected, it’s too overpowering and intense for this poutine. 26/50

Cheese: Nice large room-temperature chunks unlike the usual itty-bitty curds you find in Montreal. Unfortunately, these curds have no squeak at all. I expect that made-fresh-daily squeak, especially at an overpriced restaurant like this that is all about using fresh ingredients. Decent quantity, but a little more wouldn’t hurt. 15/20


Verdict: The burgers are better.

Price: Relatively expensive – $8.00 plus tax + tip for a small bowl.

Location: m:brgr, 2025 Rue Drummond, a 2 minute walk from Peel Metro

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