Review: Chuch Bistro, Vegan Poutine

Chuch Bistro Poutine

I’ve been meaning to try Chuch Bistro for a while, a vegan Thai restaurant on the Plateau Mont-Royal that gets rave reviews from vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. It has a nice terrace on Rue Saint-Denis with a minimalist chic decor inside. Amidst the usual South-east Asian suspects like pad thai, papaya salad, and a variety of tofu dishes are four poutines:

-Duck poutine with red curry sauce
-Beef poutine with citronella, avocado and lime
-Chicken peanut poutine
-Classic poutine with vegan cheese

I went for the classic.

Fries: Dark lightly-crispy golden fries. They’re a bit limp and don’t stand up well to the gravy. Taste is good but a bit more bite would be nice. 23/30

Gravy: Home-made vegan gravy that somehow tastes more authentic than most of the powdered “beef” gravies out there. Definitely the best part of this poutine. 44/50

Cheese: There’s too little cheese to go around, and the “vegan cheese” here is a tasteless grated aberration called Daiya. I can think of better vegan substitutes for squeaky cheese than this stuff made with tapioca and oil. 1/20


Verdict: Stick with the Thai food. The mock-buffalo-wings are also surprisingly good.

Price: Expensive – $10.00 plus tax + tip for a small bowl.

Location: Chuch Bistro/ChuChai, 4088 Saint-Denis, a 9 minute walk from Mont-Royal Metro


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One response to “Review: Chuch Bistro, Vegan Poutine

  1. veggie poutine is an abomination. veal stock sauce and REAL cheese or go home. ça suffit!

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