Review: Restaurant l’Intuition

Restaurant l'Intuition

“You need to think about poutine like you think about women,” said one of my friends, musing about Restaurant l’Intuition. “Some women have big breasts, but they also have crooked teeth and a lardy ass. You might hone in on the breasts but you won’t want to go down on her. This poutine is like a woman with nice average-size breasts, a nice average-sized ass, and a nice face. You have to think of the whole package, and in this case the package works.”

“So it’s a girl-next-door kind of poutine,” I suggested.

“No,” he answered. “It’s more like a MILF from Desperate Housewives.”

Intrigued? I was.

Restaurant l'Intuition

L’Intuition sits next to Enfant Jesus hospital in Maizerets, where suburban Beauport meets the urban triplexes of Limoilou in Quebec City. There’s no real reason to end up here unless you enjoy hanging out near mental hospitals or happen to live in the area, but why would anyone want to do that? You may also be drawn by this restaurant’s promise of 100 poutine varieties.

This is a run-of-the-mill kind of restaurant that showcases the worst of early 1990s design. Don’t miss the fake-marble bluish-brown laminate counters and tacky patterned benches. It feels vaguely like a cafeteria in an old folks home. But then there’s the sci-fi “beam-me-up-scotty” fluorescent lighting fixtures in the middle of the restaurant.

Restaurant l'Intuition

Fries: These skinless fries have a decent crisp that repels the moistness of the sauce. Some are a little overdone. There is a barely perceptible bitter edge to the oil. We spent a long time debating whether these were frozen fries. I thought they were. A friend pointed out defects in some fries, which he saw as a sign that they were freshly-cut.

Restaurant l'Intuition

The debate was sealed when another friend said it didn’t matter whether the fries were industrially-produced or home-cut, as long as they were good. 24/30.

Gravy: The brown sauce is clearly an industrial product, but it’s tasty. It’s not too salty, nor too hot. A friend tried their pepper sauce, which was a little too peppery for my taste. 37/50.

Cheese: This restaurant uses cheese produced by Fromagerie La Chaudiere in Lac Mégantic. It’s good stuff, and there’s plenty of it. “I generally go through all the cheese halfway through my poutine and end up with loads of fries and gravy,” said my friend, “but this time I had some cheese left over at the end!” The chunks were of a proper size and served at room temperature. The squeak could have been a bit more prominent but it was still there. 19/20.


Verdict: A good poutine, especially for cheese-lovers who don’t mind paying a bit more than usual.

Price: Poor – nearly $10 after tax + tip for the “small” portion. The cheese portions are generous, and the “small” is big enough for a meal, but nothing justifies paying this much for a poutine in a generic restaurant with paper placemats.

Opening Hours: SUN-WEN 7:30AM-11:00PM, FRI-SAT 7:30AM-1:00AM

Location: 1515, 18e Rue, Quebec City, QC.



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4 responses to “Review: Restaurant l’Intuition

  1. Gisele

    I living a few blocks from l’Intuition, back when apartments were harder to come by then a 5 legged cat. (yes, some people live in that area — in the 60’s and 70’s, Maizerets was actually a nice middle class neighborhood, not unlike Sainte-Foy where you grew up. It all went to hell when they built low income housing near Bardy in the early 80’s — these days, local dépanneur owners boast a buzzer and a huge bat to keep the same idiot from robbing them every other week.. ) Yah, the decor sucks the big one but the club sandwiches were always good. It’s been around for some time and actually moved from an other location, according to local legend…

  2. Raph

    Probably “Quali-Fraîche” … Never frozen, but pre-peeled, pre-cut, pre blanched and they do have some defects… We used them at the restaurant where i used to work… Pretty good fries! Here’s the link to their site:

  3. Leevan

    This has ended up being one of our favorite poutine places but it’s not without its flaws. The BBQ gravy is where it’s at, and depending on which of the many combinations of poutine you get, you could surely get varied results. We tend to go with one with smoked meat, grilled mushrooms and grilled onions which is divine. The sizes are absolutely huge (2 people can easily share a small one) but the prices slightly reflect that. While there’s tons of combinations to be had on the menu, I find that making any modifications (such as adding onions or substituting ingredients) drives up the price pretty quickly which is a shame since in some instances the combination I want would probably cost them less to make than some of the combinations on the menu. Nonetheless as far as taste goes my main drawback is the fries, which I refuse to believe are fresh cut, although I do have to agree that they don’t soak in all the gravy which is great. While the cheese would be nicer in bigger chunks, this and the fries issue I can overlook on the basis that the sum of its parts makes this poutine a terrific one. I would suggest not really eating anything else off the menu as it’s all mediocre and for the most part over-greasy.

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