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A newcomer to the Montreal poutine scene, this place comes with many good reviews. Located in an former Mediterranean restaurant in Rosemont, the arched doorways and stucco ceilings still betray its former occupants. The faded Parthenon posters have been replaced with sleek black-and-white shots of London and Amsterdam. Simple tables and contemporary lamps have also been added. A large flat-screen television was broadcasting a riveting game of golf when we walked in. I’m not sure how to describe the overall effect of these disparate elements: an unusual Greco-Ikea mongrel, perhaps.

Poutineville interior

It’s nice to see poutine featured so prominently in a Montreal establishment. The owners have let their imagination run wild and offer an endless combination of ingredients, letting you design your own poutine by ticking off a sheet. A Philly cheesesteak poutine anyone?

Poutineville menu

Service is extremely friendly and inquisitive, with the staff more than willing to offer advice on your poutine options (or personal life) in both French and English.

Burger plate with classic poutine

Smashed potato and three-pepper sauce poutine

Fries: Several varieties of fries are listed on the menu. Our waitress recommended the “patates écrasées”, or smashed potatoes, which the menu lists as a “spécialité.” She was right. They were better than the regular fries. I think they used Yukon Gold for both types of fries. The standard fries were a bit waxy, undercooked, and lacked a soft interior. The smashed potatoes were boiled potato chunks, partly crushed to maximize the crunchy exterior surface, then deep-fried. Both the fries and smashed potatoes had a mildly sweet taste. Some of the crushed chunks were a bit too large for my taste, leaving me with floury mouthfuls. Both types were fried with the skin on, a thin yellow skin that adds to the crunch and leaves no earthy aftertaste. Neither was too greasy. The smashed potatoes are a neat innovation, but a bit more crunch and less starchy fluff would make them even better. Classic-19/30, Smashed-24/30.

Gravy: In addition to the classic gravy, this place also sells three-pepper sauce and red wine sauce. Our waitress suggested we go for one of the specialty gravies. Once again, she was right. The classic sauce tasted like a generic-yet-decent gravy straight out of the can. It lacked oomph. The pepper sauce provided that oomph, giving a nice kick to the generic base. We did not try the red wine sauce. The sauces were both a little too thick and too hot, making the cheese curds melt too fast. Both sauces lack the complexity found in gravies made with real stock. Classic-38, Three-pepper-43/50.

Cheese: These are the standard cheese curds you find all over Montreal – skimpy little crumbly bits that hardly have enough bite to give off squeak. They seemed relatively fresh, with room temperature softness, but I prefer something with more girth. Portions were okay, but the cheese melted too fast under the hot sauce. 10/20.

Classic-67, Designer-77/100

Verdict: If you steer clear of the classic fries and classic sauce, you can come up with some tasty and inventive combinations. It’s worth giving this friendly newcomer a shot.

Price: Varies. The price is a little high if you go for a small, but splitting a large makes for a good deal.

Location:1348 Beaubien, corner of Lanaudière, a 9 minute walk from Beaubien Metro.



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9 responses to “Review: Poutineville

  1. Joel

    The last poutine I had at Dilallo burger on Notre Dame was super squeaky! Really impressed, although I’ve heard people say the fries are frozen so ymmv.

    Can’t wait to go back!

  2. Francisco Toro

    I thought the way you laid out the review was confusing: it won’t necessarily be clear to people that the lower score goes with the classic poutine and the higher one with the designer one. On the other hand, you didn’t have the advantage of an excellent Cuban public education, so one can’t expect you’ll get these sorts of things right…

  3. Bryan

    Tried it. Good. But GREAT poutine lives at CasseCroute JOJO, Papineau just north of Beaubien. Bryan

  4. Nancy

    Went to Poutineville two nights ago, and it was a definite hit and has made the cut for my favorite restaurants in Montreal. I use to think La Banquise was the best for Poutine, but since Poutineville…have to rethink it.
    Prices, portions, selections, quality and friendly staff make it a hit.

  5. Francisco Toro

    This place is so close to my house I keep going back to it. Some updates:

    1-They definitely changed the recipe for the Pepper Gravy – it’s MUCH spicier now. Hot, really. I like it like that, but it’s a lot different from the one you reviewed back in may.

    2-I’ve started trying some of the Designer Poutines on their menu and they’re really outstanding. They do these things with foufy ingredients like goat cheese and marinated aubergines and, well, it sounds gross, but they make it work.

    3-They’re doing a better job of marketing the excellent Smashed Potatoes now – they’re pushing these free samples when they come to take orders, and of course they’re really great.

    I just like this place. It’s bad for my waistline, definitely. But it’s great.

  6. Jan

    Hi! When I 1st visited Montreal about 5 years ago, I was introduced to and fell in love Poutine. Since I live just north of Atlanta, Georgia USA, I don’t get the chance to eat it very often. I plan a visit to Montreal in September of 2013. Will be looking for the best Poutine place in the city!

  7. alex

    I hope this will be added to your review, but this the worst meal i ever had in a snack bar in a long time.
    I got there a 11 pm the other night and had a cheese burger to go:
    The julienne fries were cold and soft, the cheese burger was under cooked whit a weird sauce in it, and the salade de choux what sour and hard.
    Cost 14 $ , they forgot to give me my ginger ale and the plate ended up in the garbage at home.
    I dont no where the review i see here are coming from but probably not from real Montreal people.
    Never going back

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