Review: Irish Poutine at McKibbins Irish Pub


McKibbins Irish pub is one of the nicer pubs around Concordia University. Like most Irish pubs there is a hokey element to the place. However, the turn-of-the-century sandstone building and wood-paneled interior takes it a notch above. In recent years, McKibbins has branched out and opened pubs on boulevard Saint Laurent and the West Island, slowly making it feel less like a real place and more like McStarbucks.

McKibbins serves “Irish poutine.” This is obviously a misnomer, as they don’t have poutine in Ireland. However, Ireland does have brown sauce, and some of the Guinness-derived sauces used in stews are quite outstanding. Ireland also has some excellent cheeses. Therefore, it remains a mystery why McKibbins’ Irish poutine is served with curry sauce and North American mozzarella.

Fries: Home-cut fries, greasy and earthy, could be crispier. 22/30.

Gravy: This is not Indian curry. This is more like British fish & chip shop curry, meaning a somewhat bland madras curry powder sauce thickened with flour. It’s a little too bland, in fact. 29/50.

Cheese: I would normally give a score of zero to poutine with grated cheese, but these guys are passing it off as a novely item, an “Irish poutine,” so I will judge the cheese on its own merits. Unfortunately, it has little merit aside from providing a bit of flavour and texture to an otherwise bland curry sauce, not to mention the fact that there’s nothing distinctly Irish about this cheddar/mozzarella combo. The quantity isn’t bad, though. 8/20.


Verdict: I hear this pub makes some decent proper Irish food. Try that instead.

Value: Slightly below average – $6.25 for plate above.

Location: 1426, rue Bishop, near Guy-Concordia metro



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4 responses to “Review: Irish Poutine at McKibbins Irish Pub

  1. caracaschronicles

    Poutine, in general, doesn’t really photograph well. But this…this looks absolutely inedible.

  2. I remember having curry chips in Dublin and thinking that what was missing was the cheese curds. It seems a shame for them to fall back on the mozz solution here, because everyone knows mozz is the wrong texture for this. What we need to do is open a poutine resto on Temple Bar.


    And what is proper Irish food?

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