Review: Costco Wholesale


I was skeptical when my sister in law raved about the wonders of poutine at Costco (which, like most people, she still calls “Club Price” 17 years after the name change/merger). After all, what could a soulless Seattle-based big box retailer know about the subtleties of crafting a fine Quebecois dish? Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot and tagged along for the ride to Montreal’s horrific Marché Central power centre.

Costco Poutine

The dining area is everything you’d expect from Costco. Plastic picnic tables grace the concrete floors in a no-man’s-land between the cash registers and the automotive section. All of this under an industrial warehouse decor of exposed steel beams and cold fluorescent lighting.

Costco Poutine

“These are the perfect poutine fries,” reiterated my sister-in-law for the umpteenth time. “An outstanding value for the price” said her douce moitié. And what do I think?

Costco Poutine

Fries: Nice coated seasoned fries that COULD be good. The initial taste is enjoyable, crispy, and packed with flavour. Unfortunately, the fries served in our poutine had been sitting around for a while. There were also some issues with the cooking oil. You could literally feel the grease piling up at the back of your throat and an unpleasant acrid aftertaste lingered long after the fry had been ingested. “Our fries are better than yours,” replied my sister-in-law. Indeed they were. They were fresh out of the fryer but still tasted of pure grease.15/30.

Gravy: Tasty but pasty, which doesn’t go well with the grease piling up from the fries. A little too cold. 34/50.

Cheese: I believe they use the Brins de gouda cheese curds produced by Fromagerie Bergeron that are also sold in the cheese aisle. Decent portions. A few nice-sized chunks, but many insignificant little bits. This cheese is too airy, giving it a crumbly texture that lacks the squeak of cheddar cheese curds. 11/20.


Verdict: This is the most unhealthy poutine I ever had – do your arteries a favour and eat elsewhere.

Value: Outstanding – $3.99 for huge plate that is big enough for two. Plenty of poutine for your buck, but eat it at your own risk.

Location: Three locations on the island of Montreal. Even more in the burbs.



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9 responses to “Review: Costco Wholesale

  1. You guys are total morons. Go snack on 0-calory finger foods for the rest of your lives. You wouldn’t know amazingly delicious and treaty foods if they charged down your throat while coating your tongues with flavor! I’ve never seen someone diss up the costco poutine IN THIS MANNER! Fool, you go eat a POUTINE and expect healthiness? It’s fast food for a reason and it’s meant to be enjoyed that way! Just stay away from all junk food for the sake of your integrity, not your health.

    • I certainly don’t expect healthiness, but I expect some flavour for all that cholesterol. Those cold fries felt like I was chugging down a bottle of rancid cooking oil. Add some pasty gravy and flavourless cheese and you’re better off getting a cholesterol fix elsewhere.

  2. hm

    It’s hard to take this “review” seriously when the credibility of the author is next to nil. You give yourself a poutine-based username and you bash one of the best poutines available? Not to mention, complaining about healthiness in a fast food item? Right, use your time to do something more productive.

  3. oh i love their poutine!! it’s my fav! i go everywhere and have poutine and this one is still my fav. i guess it all depends on how you want your poutine to taste.

  4. april

    Never had poutine, but just from reading your “review”, you were set on not liking it before you even got in the building!.

  5. Imalwayhungrybut

    I don’t think there is much “love” that goes into these poutines, considering the location. I enjoyed reading this review, and since I would probably never adventure out to try one at this location, it is nice to see that I’m not missing out on much.

  6. junctionist

    The review is fair. This person knows his poutine.

  7. Costco Poutine is one of the best in Montreal. Ye we know its unhealthy, its a poutine.

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