Review: Restaurant Rapido du Plateau

Restaurant Rapido du Plateau


An old late-night standby on the busy corner of Saint-Denis and Mont Royal, Rapido got a rainbow-coloured makeover a few years back that makes it look more like a girly cupcake shop than a greasy spoon. A sign proudly claims that they were voted Montreal’s THIRD best poutine in 2005 by now-defunct ici Montreal. With such outdated credentials to back it up, I figured their poutine was worth a shot.

Restaurant Rapido du Plateau

Poutine: Restaurant Rapido du Plateau

Fries: Great fries. Nice colour, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and strong enough to withstand the assault of the hot gravy (except for the last few bites, which were a bit mushy) 28/30.

Gravy: Surprisingly interesting fusion of BBQ and brown sauce, and I’m not generally a fan of smoky BBQ sauce on poutine. Flavourful, but a tad too salty. Good quantity. Way too hot. 35/50.

Cheese: What is this? The image above does not portray how tiny these chunks are. Way too small, tasteless, no squeak, and they soon disintegrate into the hot gravy. Quantity is okay, but overall very unsatisfying on the cheese front. 7/20.


Verdict: Wimpy tasteless cheese kills what would otherwise be a good poutine.

Value: Good – $5.24 for large plate pictured above; even better value if poutine is included as part of “menu du jour.”

Opening hours: 24 hours all week

Location: 4494 Rue Saint-Denis, corner of Mont-Royal, 1 minute walk from Mont Royal metro.


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