Review: Maamm Bolduc

Maamm Bolduc

Maamm Bolduc frequently comes up in lists of Montreal’s greatest poutine. The place is colourful, and unpretentious – part neighbourhood casse-croute, part art student’s apartment.

Maamm Bolduc

Maamm Bolduc

The music was good too, with The xx and Ratatat on shuffle. Despite the youthful vibe, many of the patrons were older, including a neighbourhood drunk talking to himself about the state of the world. I was wary at first, as the kid in the kitchen looked like a wired-up 16-year-old in Euro-football gear rattling away with a south-of-France accent. He looked more like a meth cook than a poutine chef, but my fears were unfounded.

Maamm Bolduc

Fries: Same sweet taste as La Banquise, but with earthy tones since the fries are made from unpeeled potatoes. Nice mushy interior but a bit too soft on the outside. Brownish wrinkly texture suggests that the cooking oil needs to be changed. 21/30.

Gravy: The right texture, quantity, and temperature. Good salt/pepper balance. Better than your average gravy, but nothing exceptional. This review indicates that the temperature is not always consistent, but it was great when I went. 42/50.

Cheese: Slight squeak, meaning the cheese is fresh, but chunks are too small and portions are quite stingy. 9/20.


Verdict: Great little neighbourhood snack bar. The poutine isn’t bad, but not worth going out of your way for. Stingy cheese portions keep it from greatness. Similar to what you find at La Banquise, but marginally better. The burgers are great.

Value: Average – $5.99 for plate pictured above.

Opening Hours: until 10 most nights, later from Wednesday on.

Location: 4351 De Lorimier, corner Marie-Anne.


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  1. I give them extra points for having cold spruce beer available – or they did when I was there, and served it in a chilled bock on a hot day.

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