Review: Vincent Sous-Marins



I was clued in to Vincent Sous-Marins by my friend Philippe-Antoine, who said it was “one of the better poutines on the Plateau.” There are at least ten branches in the Montreal region. I went to the one on Laurier, which has been serving customers since 1987. It’s housed in a former Dairy Queen (built in 1970) with its characteristic steep red gabled roof. Once inside, however, the harsh fluorescent-lit interior feels like a creepy slice of redneck appalachia on an otherwise chi-chi strip. But what about the food?

Fries: Okay. Crispy on the outside, almost fluffy on the inside, slightly sweet, but a bit limp. 23/30.

Gravy: Although they call this BBQ sauce, it is in fact brown sauce. Tasty, good texture, but a bit too salty. Temperature is too hot, which makes the smaller cheese curds disintegrate and the fries limp up. 37/50.

Cheese: Decent amount of cheese, but many curds are way too small and end up melting due to sauce temperature. Who makes these third-rate curds (and why do people buy them)? They have no squeak and are weak on taste. 10/20.


Verdict: Average. Nothing to get too excited about, but it hits the spot.


Value: Average – $5.50 for plate pictured above.

Opening Hours: open later than everything else on this street, but not 24hr.

Location: 1325 avenue Laurier Est, corner De Lanaudière, Montreal, QC (514) 525-8000‎



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4 responses to “Review: Vincent Sous-Marins

  1. caracaschronicles

    oooh, loving the google map integration.

  2. John Pierce

    Oh how I long for the dear Poutine. It is nice to see people actually make written comparisons of such delightful delacacies. Yum Yum.

  3. jo

    are you KIDDING me !!!!!!!!!!!! theeeee worst poutine i have EVER had. it was the sauce, tasted like it was sitting around since 1987. i got a sub a poutine and a drink for 13$ wow what a waste.

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