Review: Patati Patata

Chandelier at Patati Patata

My poutine at Patati Patata came with a side order of high expectations. This is largely due to gushing reviews on this blog by two fellow Quebec City expats. Like me, they have no time for the Banquise hype, and claimed Patati Patata was the next best thing to the outstanding Chez Ashton back home. I’d eaten the tiny burgers at this cozy little poky diner before – legendary for both their taste and exceptional value. The poutine had to be good, especially since they use red wine in their gravy (and hey… it’s topped with an olive!).


Fries: Great little julienned fries, crispy on the outside but lacking some fluff on the inside. These aren’t the best for poutine. A bit too flimsy. When combined with the delicate sauce, they leave you feeling like you have nothing to bite on. 24/30.

Gravy: Delicate sauce with red wine undertones, but a bit too delicate for poutine. Lacks taste. Too watery. Does not bind well with the cheese and fries. 32/50.

Cheese: A bit stingy in the cheese department. A good poutine would have double this amount. A few big chunks but most pieces are too small. No squeak, but they keep the cheese at room temperature, thereby ensuring it has some flavour. 8/20.


Verdict: This place is great, but come here for the burgers, borscht & homey atmosphere. Skip the poutine.

Value: Good value – $4.00 for plate pictured above (but I’d pay an extra dollar for more cheese).

Opening Hours: 8am-11pm Mon-Fri, 11am-11pm Sat-Sun.

Location: 4177 boulevard Saint-Laurent, corner Rachel, (514) 844-0216‎



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2 responses to “Review: Patati Patata

  1. I agree with you that they don’t put enough cheese on it. But the sauce is not watery usually. The small problem with this tiny place is that they sometime lack consistency. We return there often and the Burgers are always good like you said, but we have to say that the poutine sometime does not show up on top…but still, i think people should try it!

  2. I have to disagree with my husband lol! I always love their poutine, more than the burger! But I agree with you guys: we could use more cheese.

    What really bothers me is the size of the plate, it’s way too small! I wished they offred a bigger option.

    Oh and I’d rather skip the burger and have two poutine instead of simply skipping it altogether 🙂

    And maybe that’s because I’m a girl, but I have to say that I love,the “Delicate sauce with red wine undertones”, that’s what set them apart, I find!

    But anyway, we have yet to find THE poutine that will satisfies us until the next Ashton 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback and keep us posted on your next quest!

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