Review: Restaurant Tous les jours

Restaurant Tous les Jours

Feels like a cross between a sixties cafeteria and a Swiss chalet (minaret-less, of course), all wood-veneer and cheap stucco. Photos of Greece line the wall for an added Tyrolean touch. Seems popular with seniors.

Restaurant Tous les Jours

My friend Quico, food snob extraordinaire, shocked me a few weeks ago when he said the best meal he’d had in Montreal was the $4 Primeburger at this place. If they can make a good burger, I figured they’d pull off a good poutine. Figure again!

Restaurant Tous les Jours

Fries: Frozen oven fries, a bit cold and undercooked. Too starchy. 8/30.

Gravy: A good amount and decent taste, if a bit generic. 40/50.

Cheese: Could use a bit more squeak, meaning they’ve probably been lying around the fridge for a while. Chunks are of a decent size, but I’m still left wanting more at the end. 13/20.


Verdict: Your average Montreal poutine (which isn’t saying much). Quico tried the Italian poutine with bolognese sauce, which led him to exclaim “I feel very far from Bologna.” Go for a burger instead, which are better than the average fast food kind.

Value: Slightly better than average – $5.15 for plate pictured above.

Opening Hours: Despite the name, this place is closed on Mondays. Stupid 5am to 8pm opening hours on other days.

Location: 1689 avenue Mont-Royal, corner Papineau, Montreal, (514) 523-1727‎



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2 responses to “Review: Restaurant Tous les jours

  1. caracaschronicles

    I’ll defer to you on the Poutine, Pat, for obvious reasons. But I will say this.

    The hamburger is North America’s original artisan sandwich, and these guys know how to make a proper, artisan hamburger. They get every detail right: what should be cold is cold, what should be hot is hot, what should be soft is soft and what should be crunchy is crunchy.

    Burger Pundit would love this place.

    • A burger pundit I am not, but I’ve have better burgers in this city – though it WAS good, certainly better than the poutine. Yours looked better than mine…

      Next time you want a burger, call me up and we’ll go for some of the tasty tiny burgers (“sliders” as they say in the US) at Patati Patata. That place is good.

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