Review: Capri Restaurant Delicatessen

Capri Restaurant Delicatessen

Opened in 1967, this Greek-run restaurant has retro-kitsch charm. Old-school neon lights in the windows, leatherette stools,  juke boxes in the booth seats and plenty of local characters.  Service is friendly. There’s a Journal de Montreal on many of the tables, and they generally listen to the hockey game on the radio if the Habs are playing. And now for the poutine…

Capri Restaurant Delicatessen

Fries: Good crispness, not too greasy, but generic oven-baked McCain frozen fries. 15/30.

Gravy: Quite tasty but slightly lumpy. Quantity and temperature are good. 40/50.

Cheese: Wimpy grated mozzarella (sacrilege!), and far too little of it. 0/20.


Verdict: Mediocre, but they’d probably make a good frites-sauce if you’re stuck in Rosemont at 2AM.

Value: Fair – $5.99 for plate pictured above.

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Location: 2051, boulevard Rosemont, corner DeLorimier, Montreal,  (514)722-8530



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2 responses to “Review: Capri Restaurant Delicatessen

  1. Is there such a thing as bad poutine? Even at its worst (soggy fries, questionable gravy, and grated processed cheese slices) this stuff is delicious. I’ve never met a plate of poutine I didn’t like sir! I’m shocked that you could find bad pouting in Montreal of all places – the ORIGINATORS of the poutine! Heck I had my first poutine @ a McDonalds at the ottawa/hull border for goodness’ sake.

    Keep up the good work soldier, I will most certainly be keeping tabs on this site. I’ll say, the pics alone (drool) will keep me coming back for more!

    • Thanks for the comment!

      Poutine was actually invented about 100km east of Montreal in either Warwick or Drummondville (disputed) – I’ll make a trip out there, take some photos, and post on that later!

      Most poutines are edible, but a GREAT poutine is a true blessing. The one poutine I had in Ottawa was actually better than most of the ones I’ve had here in Montreal.

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